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 Things you will learn after being enrolled at Forum Academy

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PostSubject: Things you will learn after being enrolled at Forum Academy   Wed May 23, 2012 9:18 pm

Here are the things here on the forum that you will learn from the Maestros
So when a lesson comes be sure to have a paper, pencil, sharpener, eraser and ruler; for recommendation use HB stadler pencil for sketching. Eraser kneaded eraser, ruler 35cm transparent ruler

lessons are scheduled and it will be always in friday - this will be after my classes at 5pm
after each lesson you will be given an assignment to do. don't worry, upon learning you will know what to do
you can post your works at the Artist Showcase section. Maestros will always check that section;when posting a work make sure its yours not done by someone else

Purpose of this is to show your talents to your fellow people.

heres the contents that will be in the lessons
-Making a Manga Eye (Both Shojo and Shounen) - included with Tips on how to make your own Manga Character
-4 different ways in drawing Manga
-Knowing the Anatomy

Chapter 1: Manga Face
-Shojo Front View
-Shojo 3/4 view
-Shojo Side view
-Shounen Front View
-Shounen 3/4 view
-Shounen side view
-Making the Shojo Hair
-Making the Shounen Hair
-Making the Manga ear (For Side Viiew)
-Making a half body Figure Shojo
-Making a half body figure Shounen

Chapter 2: Manga Proportion
-Warm Up exercise
-Knowing the Manga Proportion - included with Tips and tricks
-Making a Shounen with proportion - included with 3 ways of different alternative styles
-Making a Shojo with Proportion - included with 3 ways of different alternative styles
-Clothes and Wrinkles
-Pants/Jeans where wrinkles go - 3 different ways
-drawing the chibi - using proportion - included with 12 different emotions on chibi
-Making a Fighting scene - 5 set
-How to draw the Hands
-How to draw the feet

Chapter 3: Learning the perspectives
-one point perspective - learning tips and tricks
-Making a background using 1 point perspective
-2 point perspective - learning tips and tricks
-making a background using 2 point perspective
-3 point perspective - leaning tips and tricks
-Making a background using 3 point perspective

Chapter 4: Inking and shading
-Tips and Tricks - Includes Coloring
-3 different ways on how to shade

Chapter 4: Making Manga
-knowing the different panels
-Word balloons - include different ways on expressing
-How to set a scene
-Toning a Manga page

This are the lessons that you will learn upon being enrolled here
a lesson will be crossed out after the lesson is finish
new lesson follows every next friday
a lessons will be locked at thursdays. post your question while the lesson is still fresh. once locked, you can ask question on the Artist section

ok when posting a work at the artist section you must follow this format:
Personal Name: (Post your FB and anime-galaxy name here, do not post IGN's here)
Name: (IF your Manga character has a name. Leave it blank if none)
What lesson?: (Lesson on how you were manage to to do this drawing)
1. What kind of Paper did you use upon executing the drawing? What Pencil?
2. In making the Manga Eye. How did you come up with the design? (only used on introduction and Chapter 1)
3. You are your inspiring artist? name at least 1, your best pick

Thats all. You can comment here also about the given topic in this thread.

Lessons starts at next friday June 1,2012

if you were not able to understand something here, please let me know


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Things you will learn after being enrolled at Forum Academy
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