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 Making the Manga Eye - Included with Tips on how to make your own Manga Character

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PostSubject: Making the Manga Eye - Included with Tips on how to make your own Manga Character   Fri May 25, 2012 1:52 pm

Ok guys, this is the first friday of Lessons. So to start off let me give a little introduction about Manga

Manga - by the name itself. it means Cartoon if you translate it to english. Manga are comics created in Japan.

There are already Manga created and posted in sites this days. As you see they don't much sell the books. all in the web =)

Making the Manga Eye - Shojo
Things Needed:
-A Footrule
-A Paper (Any kind)
-A Pencil - But i recommend HB or No.2
-Pen (Optional, for Inking)

Steps: Alright let's get started. This are done in pen Tablet so bear with me. And this is the way how i approach in making eyes (Sorry the scanner has been borrowed thats why its done in digital. But Bear with me, its the same way i do it on paper). This is just one step
Ready your piece of paper. Use your Footrule and put 2 horizontal lines 4 inches wide. 1 inch apart. Then add vertical lines at both end. Using the footrule again add 2 vertical lines 1 inch apart. You must have something that looks like this

If you are too add eyebrows make sure to add another horizontal line but its half inch apart.
-Thats it. With The guidelines you can make the manga eye. thats how i approach it also.
-Upper eye lids touches the end of the lines
-lower eyelids are smaller than the upper eye

I will upload a finish one later on. with the guidelines and explanations

Tips on Making a Manga Character
Here are some tips on making your Character
-You need a Character's name:
Since we are talking about Japanese comics. Think a Character name which is Japanese. Go with english if you want too.
For Example the names like
are most likely used in animes. You can use this names. but you have to think of family names also

of course you need to know what your character's role will be.
-a Protagonist?
-a Antagonist?
-a side character?

Whats the personality?
-A Good boy/girl?
-A Bad guy/girl?
-A Delinquent?
-A Loner?
-A playful type?

What will he/she look like?
What will his/her hobbies be?
What will his/her hair color be?
Eye color?

To Summarize it: when making anime/manga characters it will be like a biodata type
Parents: (If you want to add)
Siblings: (if your character has)
Marital Status: (If he/she has a relationship with a character)

Then tell something about your character:
Character Story:

Thats my guide. thanks for reading. comments are appreciated


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Making the Manga Eye - Included with Tips on how to make your own Manga Character
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