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 [TUT] How to Use E-collidex Tool for Grand Chase

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[TUT] How to Use E-collidex Tool for Grand Chase Empty
PostSubject: [TUT] How to Use E-collidex Tool for Grand Chase   [TUT] How to Use E-collidex Tool for Grand Chase Icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 3:58 am

[TUT] How to Use E-collidex Tool for Grand Chase
Step by Step with Screenshots

1. Download eCollidex.exe (Download Link Here)
2. Copy Paste it Anywhere (Mine I put it in my GC Folder
3. Before Opening, I highly recommend you to turn of your untivirus, Mine is Avira, this is how I Turned it off
3. Right Click eCollidex.exe and Select Run as admin
4. When the Trainer Pops out Click on Online Games then Click Grand Chase
5. After Clicking Grand Chase, a button will appear which is "Select Path" , click it.
6. Next is to Browse your main.exe (can be found inside your GC Folder)
7. The Trainer will start Patching your main.exe
8.1 The "Start Game" button will appear after the trainer finished patching your main.exe , Click it.
8.2 The "ProcSearch" button will now appear where the Trainer will Search for the process "main.exe"
9.1 Open Grand Chase Patcher, and start . I dont recommend using any Bypasser, it will just cause error on the Program.
9,2 You will see that the injection is successful if the "Patched!" button appeared,
after few seconds, the eCollidex wll close and Grand Chase will start

~10. Activating and using the Tool
10.1 Press Right Alt + F5 to Activate, a message box should appear confirming you activated the tool, if not, repeat and start to Step 3.
10.2 Go to Any Dungeon, Practice Mode , or House and Try the Following
*Right Alt + 1 = Attack Buff Item (+200% to attack)
*Right Alt + 2 = Dash Speed Buff Item (+200% to Dash Speed)
*Right Alt + 3 = Jump Buff Item (+200% to Jump Height)
*Right Alt + 4 = Decreased Monster Speed Item
*Right Alt + 5 = Debuff Reset Item
*Right Alt + 6 = Turret Item (Mari First Job Cannon , Max 3 Cannons)
Proof :

Happy Hacking Smile

[TUT] How to Use E-collidex Tool for Grand Chase Firma_inori_y_shu_by_misakiamour-d4regxi
Inori X Shu
by: deviant MisakiAmour
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[TUT] How to Use E-collidex Tool for Grand Chase
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