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 Dead Eye Written novel

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PostSubject: Dead Eye Written novel   Dead Eye Written novel Icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2012 10:40 pm

Dead Eye novel
This is a project done by me xD

First of all i want to thank my group that they have supported me during the making of this story especially my inspiration that made me pursue my dreams of being a manga-ka (Not yet fully developed)

None, i wan't to entertain people. Planning to make this story as a manga before continue with the Blazing Moon: The Shattered continent. Readers asked me to do the prologue story of the blazing moon on how everything gone to disaster in the story of Zero

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Signature by: SieghartXx from Deviantart

Signature By Yamimutou
Dead Eye Written novel Hatsunemikusignature
Adding Miku to my story will be a hit lol
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Dead Eye Written novel
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