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 CEOSAN:The Phoenix Age

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PostSubject: CEOSAN:The Phoenix Age   CEOSAN:The Phoenix Age Icon_minitimeSun Apr 01, 2012 2:10 am

Ceosan is a Fantasy World, set as an alternate future. The storyline starts as the world was created by 3 phoenixes. The planet lives through a crystal on where it's energy essence lies. But an alien race threatens to destroy the planet by taking the crystal and use it's massive power for their own. The planet was ravaged by the threat. Now the all the races in the planet will strive to save it. For the whole planet to unite, the phoenixes sent out 3 warriors to deliver the world from extermination.

The Three Phoenixes
-Each of the phoenixes represent different Factors in the planet.
~The White Phoenix- the phoenix which represents the Life and Light of the planet. She is worshipped as the Phoenix of Hope and Guidance.
~The Black Phoenix- the phoenix which represents the Knowledge and Will of the planet. He is worshipped as the Phoenix of Understanding and Balance.
~The Red Phoenix- the phoenix which represents the Strength and Spirit of the planet. He is worshipped as the Phoenix of War and Energy Essence.

-CEOSAN introduces 3 new races
~Celestians- Unequaled by power, Celestians are the most powerful beings that existed. Beings of legend, known to be already extinct.
~Odenians- Beings with Extrodinary power acquired to them through the Essence inside them called, Equinoxes. Legend tells of certain odenians to be as strong as Celestians
~Khyllons- An extremely rare case, when a human which has a concentration of Energy Essence develops the Khylan Gene, their offspring will become a Khyllon.

-The Races
~Humans- Though weak in Strength , they are massive in numbers, and extremely intelligent creatures
~Elves- A woodland race gifted by the manipulation of nature itself. Great hunters and can blend with the environment with ease
~Bestians- Shapeshifters also known as Werewolves. Brute strength, maximized, theorized to level that of a Celestian
~Sanguinese- Blood driven creatures who feed on blood and known to mimic the abilities of the creature
~Faeries- A race with superior magical abilities, though few in numbers, they are known to level mountains.
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CEOSAN:The Phoenix Age
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