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 [TuT]Remove Skill Lag

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PostSubject: [TuT]Remove Skill Lag   Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:37 am

Based on what we noticed, the skills Storm Tempest, Make it rain, bullet time and etc, can cause us lag, right?

here are 3 options to remove those pesky lag

Option 1:
use this program that drow05ranger made
(note: you must always do this before opening Grand Chase because the program drow05ranger made only deletes the file(resfeedback.dat) but it will recreate itself when a sudden lag occurs during a skill hence the return of lag in skills)


Option 2:
1) open resfeedback.dat file with notepad
2) delete contents of the file
3) save it
4) change its properties to read only (to prevent it from replacing/adding contents)

Option 3: (Lazy Option) (Shortcut of Option 2)
Download the file in attachment, it is based from Option 2 and its already in read-only, just simply extract and replace file in Grand Chase Folder


Virus Scan:

if you do Option 2/Option 3
The lag in new skills will be removed in future updates since the resfeedback can't change its contents due to read-only property, hence 100% no more lag in skills

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[TuT]Remove Skill Lag
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