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 Rules of Trading and Safety Guides

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Rules of Trading and Safety Guides Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Trading and Safety Guides   Rules of Trading and Safety Guides Icon_minitimeTue Apr 03, 2012 8:32 pm

Ok guys, here are some Ground Rules of Trading and Safety Guidelines
Remember this we are not liable for your lost items/account

Rules of Trading
1) Any item with use can be put to auction here

2) Scamming is not allowed, scamming will result to IP ban.

3) If the item your selling has no price, then it will be considered as spam and will be deleted

4) If the item is found out to be useless then this is also considered as spam and will be deleted

5) Account Trading/Selling is originally not allowed, Unless its really needed by another person then do it privately via private messaging, thread will automatically set to locked, make sure to read the Safety Tips and Guidelines first before doing a trade.

6) Gold/Money Trading is allowed, as long you know the person, meet him in person or a person with a good reputation in the Forum

7) Under all circumstances, do not post your in-game names in your trade request. For your safety, we cannot rule out the possibility that there might be a GM keeping watch of our forum

Safety Tips and Guides on preventing scam
1) When making a purchase, always check the details if the item he gave you is/are the item(s) you agreed on. do no judge it by picture

2) Do not accept "trade first before item" or "Pay first before item" logic, this is the most common way of scamming, it must all be traded in one go.

3) If he ask you to download something or gives you a program, do not accept/download it, its probably a keylogger/account stealing program

4) If ever he tried to scam you, then you may report to us so that we can ip ban him, he will never return to this site again, refer to #6 for reference

5) If you agreed with the person in account trading, then you must meet in real and change the account settings immediately. Change email, change password, change of account details and also change secret answer to ensure your account's safety

6) Always make a screenshot/video of your chat and your trading for reference

The Forum Admins/Moderators are not held liable for your loss of items and stuff, although, we can ban the person who scammed you, but in order to do that we need evidence of your trades, hence the purpose of safety guides #6
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Rules of Trading and Safety Guides
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