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 Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made)

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What do you think of the Story??
Awesome Dude, i like it. Great in being a Manga xD
Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made) I_vote_lcap57%Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made) I_vote_rcap
 57% [ 4 ]
Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made) I_vote_lcap14%Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made) I_vote_rcap
 14% [ 1 ]
Not Bad
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Needs some grammar Fixation
Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made) I_vote_lcap14%Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made) I_vote_rcap
 14% [ 1 ]
YOur Freaking Awesome
Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made) I_vote_lcap14%Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made) I_vote_rcap
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Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made) Empty
PostSubject: Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made)   Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent (Original Made) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 29, 2012 3:44 pm

Hey guys, its me Jeff the one known as GOC (God Of Conquest)
We go for Manga Updates first
I have been Learning on how to draw Backgrounds in 1 point, 2 point and 3 point perspectives and i am still learning how to make it good. My anatomy are now doing good, but it will become better once i read the Mastering Manga book.
Take time to read this: As you can see, New episodes now come everyday, to make my work easier. Cause now i have the Temporary Title page of this Story, which will be uploaded to Facebook. But I am now going to try for a 1 page of my story which that i will try out on the Cool events on this story. When you haven't read my Final Judgment 2 book which contains the 4 volumes of the story it self which i used the original makers of the story or should i say original makers of the Characters now being used on this story. People are now looking forward in reading this Story, and i can't release it untill i finish the whole book. oh please People don't try taking this story serious. Since i am now moving to college, i will have all the time finish this story, if i have nothing to do for the day, except for finishing the Manga of this one.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why are you making a Story?
A: Because due to the books that i am reading also, they all do good stories. and i decided to make some of mine too
Q: Will your Book be published?
A: It will depend if i want it to or not
Q: How many raw titles were you able to think after achieving this title?
A: I say 2 first was Final Judgment 3, followed by BlazBlue: The Broken Destiny then now i came up with Blazing Moon: The Shattered Continent
Q: What is the main Purpose of your Story?
A: The Main purpose of this story is to express ourselves if the Horrored school is real
Q: Who were your inspirations upon making the Story?
A: That is a personal question, but check the Character List after this Introduction and you will know my Inspirations
Q: Did someone help you make this story? Who?
A: Yeah, We are actually 3 who made Stories since we were 1st year highschool. Me, Omar, JP.
Q: Are you working alone for this story? Why?
A: Yes, I asked them that i will have a Solo operation for this time, but we are still making the Complete Series of BlazBlue: The Broken Destiny
Q: How long did it take you to Finish some chapters?
A: about 1 hour or more or less
If you have some question, please reply back xD
Again: Do not take this Story Very Serious your heart might fall xD
For the Story
I included Episodes for the Story. Every Episode has chapters in it xD
Heres the Story
IF the Episode has no Name yet, it means i am still thinking or it still doesn't have chapters in it xD
Here are the Sequence:
Episode 1: Persona
Episode 2: Apocalypse
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:
Episode Chapters: Includes 7 Chapters on this Episode
Episode : Persona
Chapter 1: A Girl Gamer
Chapter 2: Start of Kisaragi High
Chapter 3: School Festival
Chapter 4: New Classmate
Chapter 5: Sachiko Ever After Charm
Chapter 6: Back to the Tenshin Elementary School
Chapter 7: Insane Minds
Chapter 8: Time Follows

Episode 2: Apocalypse
Chapter Introduction
Chapter 1: The Truth
Chapter 2: Two Gods of Conquest
Chapter 3: The Beginning
(Will be updated if A New Episode and chapter appears)

Authors note: Please don't get serious about the story, Its different from the Real world ne.
Title: Blazing Moon: The Way to the Shattered Continent
Author: Frost (Sorry keeping my Name from others)
Classification: Fiction
Character (Main): Left are the In Story names, Right are the Creators Name
- Shun Tamashi – Frost Lam
- Maika Uchiha – Jopjop Valencia
- Skye Fye – Skye Fye (Sorry don’t know her Real name yet)
- Shin Tamashi – Reborn Lam
- June Tawamoto – Omar Vincent Humiding
- Miaka Shiratomi – Ace Leigh Navales
- Xiarie Matsumoto – Xiarie Anne Sandoval

Characters (Minor): Left are the In Story names, Right are the Creators Name
- Usui Takumi – Maid Sama
- Ayumi Shinozaki – Coprse Party
- Naomi Nakashima – Corpse Party
- Misaki Ayuzawa – Maid Sama
- Naho Shinozaki – Corpse Party
- Ragna The BloodEdge – BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and Continum Shift
- Noel Vermillion – BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and Continum Shift

Character Introductions
Shun Tamashi – He is our Main Protagonist of the Story, He is scared to all ghost stories he is hearing from Maika, He is 16 years old and was born October 11. Before he is about to die (Jeff’s Vision in the Final Judgment Stories) A Girl who saved him but died afterwards. Giving him an Arm. Shun still doesn’t know how to use it. But when Maika saw the Arm. She said that the Power of the Azure was given to Shun, but was Sealed in his Eyes. So Shun wears an Eyeglass to Seal the Azure’s Power. He is Keeping his Identity from the Name Frost which mean God of Conquest. He is very popular in the School. Basically, after waching to much anime and Reading to much Manga, He Decided to make one. But still is in Progress. Shun is a Gamer Addict, Anime addict. He is Smart, Talented, kind, sweet and Playful.

Maika Uchiha - Shun’s Lover, Maika, was always keeping an Eye on Shun, on the day they began to become classmates in their Fourth Year High School Life. Maika, started living in Shun’s house after finding out that Shun and His Brother was Left at their house when their parents and their little brother went and stayed at Canada. Maika is 16 years old and was Born August 15. She Very Kind, playable, Smart and Talented.

Skye Fye – Skye is a Girl who Shun met in a Forum, after Knowing Shun is studying in the same School she is in. She Told Shun, that she is scared of Boys due to what she experienced in her pass. She was Surprised seeing Shun. The Very first time they met, Skye quickly asked for the Autograph of Shun. With luck, Shun Kissed Skye in her Chicks the Words Skye word “There’s no need to be afraid of Boys, just stick with me and your safe”. She is an Addictive gamer like Shun, and Also Addictive Anime Shoujo. Skye is 15 Years old and was born July 17. She is very Cute, Very Sweet, Very Kind and Likes what Shun likes.

Shin Tamashi – Shun’s Brother, Shin was the Average Boy who likes school, He was Accelerated and Become a classmate of Shun in their school. After Knowing that His Big Brother is Popular in their School. The mind of Shin started sensing some paranormal activities beyond the School. He just kept it on to himself the Strange things that are happening in the school. Shin is 15 years old and was Born March 30. He is Kind, Smart, and Talented, and Playful.

June Tawamoto – June is a very smart Boy, June is the Best Friend of Shun, also his Childhood Friend. He was Happy seeing Shun popular in the School where they are studying at. June was a Loner until Shun became his friend in his Childhood Days. He also Lives with Shun, Shin and Maika in Shun’s House. He 15 years old and was born July 28. He is Very Smart, sometimes Lazy.
Miaka Shiratomi – Miaka was the Very first Girlfriend of Shun until somethings happened to the both of them. After Miaka found out that Shun Died. She gave up the Relationship between them. But when Miaka found Shun in Kisaragi high. She felt Guilty after their broke up. Knowing that Shun became Popular. She started going to the School and Studied with 4th Year High students. She Felt lucky after being sent by the Homeroom Teacher to seat beside Shun. Wherever Shun goes she follows but in a Stalker way. Miaka is 16 years old and was born July 22. She Very Talented, kind, sweet, playable.

Xiarie Matsumoto – Xiarie is a Girl who follows Shun… She wants to be the Pride for Shun’s Future. But Shun dislikes Dramatic people. So Shun rejects Xiarie. But still have Feelings for Shun. Xiarie was the First Girl who was Rejected by Shun. But though. She Still strives hard to grab Shun’s Attention. She came from Bacoor Cavite to Tokyo Japan. Xiarie is 16 years old and was born September 22. She is Cute, Kind, Very much Smart and Playful.

Story ^^
A Solo Story by Frost. Japanese Words phonetics spellings are always at the end of a Chapter.
Enjoy this 5 Book that will be released in the summer.
This is only Pre-Released. So Chapter 1 first.
I do not know when to release the other chapters, just check your email, or I will just tell you if I send it already. Ne???
No Title page, due to losing my talents in drawing, now since December 31 I started learning everything again.
Anyways Enjoy this Story, you can always comment after reading the chapter per chapter story, I(frost) will always answer any good or bad questions.

Episode 1: Persona

Chapter 1: A Girl gamer like Shun
“A Girl which also an Addictive gamer like Shun, are now going to See if each other and have their destiny together”

. It was January 4, 2012, as Rumors being heard its end of the World. But no…There’s a Boy named Shun Tamashi. Knowing his parents left the Philippines with his younger Brother. He is living alone in his house. Due to his popularity, He owns a Computer Shop that was built by his Dad. Shun’s Dad let Shun manage the Computer Shop along with his Brother Shin Tamashi as his Assistant Manager. When Shun and Shin are managing the Business. Shun’s Friend June Tawamoto, Came in too, June is also working for Shun for his I.T manager. Shun is Guarding a Forum, There He met a Girl named Skye Fye. Knowing that she likes the same things as Shun. Skye said that she is in Tokyo Japan. Skye also said “There is a Secret I want to tell you”. Shun started Sweating out. As a very cool gentleman Shun asked “Yeah sure, I always keep secrets”. Skye send a Smiley to Jeff. “Ok here goes…” Skye said. “I have a Crush once, after Confessing Everything to him. He said that He already has a GirlFriend which is very beautiful than me” Skye added. Shun think for a minute another message came. “That’s why I don’t want to enter to a Relationship” Skye also added. Suddenly Shun said,“But you were to see me Right now, what will you think…”. Skye Replied, “I don’t know, but… you seem to be a nice Boy”. Shun’s Heart started pounding. His brother Shin came in. Shun looked at Shin with his Devilish look while smiling.“Buraza… Watashi ga okonatteimasu ichido shibaraku dekakete kudasai, watashi wa anata o yobidashimasu. (Brother, Please Go out for a while, I will call you when I’m done)”. Shin went out and went back to being a Cashier in their Shop. Then Shun looked at his Laptop LCD another reply. “If its okay if…”Skye said. “If?” Shun replied. “If we can have lunch Together… ahmmm.. I will treat you, if its okay” Skye said. Shun typed. “Iye(No)…” Shun replied. “Oh”Skye said. Skye also send a Sadface smiley. “hahaha… you didn’t let me Finish”Shun replied. “I don’t want you to pay the food for me. I will be the one that will pay for our food. And The same time, I want you to visit my Shop, and lets have fun playing here” Shun added. A Smiley came being happy. “Alright Shun… I will wait for you… but where is your Shop?” Skye asked. “I am at Setagaya Street, my Shop is the very first building you will see opun coming to Setagaya, don’t worry I’ll be waiting for you outside of my Shop” Shun replied.“Hai… See you there” Skye said. Skye turned off her Desktop and went to the location on what Shun said. After She was looking for Shun. A guy was wandering if who the Girl was Waiting for. “ahmmm… I am looking for Shun Tamashi, he said that this is the Building the he mentioned that is a Computer Shop inside. “Ah…I am Shun’s Guard. The Young Master is just getting his Car from the garage, Please wait for a moment miss Fye” The Guard Said. Skye sat down and a Horn was Heard. Shun Stepped out of his car. Shun grabbed the Hand of Skye. “You must be Skye Fye, I am Shun Tamashi” Shun said, Then kisses the Hand of Skye. Skye started turning Red. “Hehehe, Skye, come lets eat to the Restaurant where I will treat you there” Shun said. Shun opened the Passengers door, and Let Skye inside.“Bruce, kindly tell Shin and June, that will just be having Lunch with Skye”Shun said. “Alright Sir” Bruce said. Shun went inside the Car and Drove. Shun Drove his car to Akimoto Restaurant. “wow, this is the Very expensive restaurant, you sure you can Pay for those foods there?” Skye said. “Daijobu, Skye-chan. I told you I will treat you right…” Shun said. Shun steppd out of the Car and Opened the Passengers seat. And Grabbed Shun’s hand. Skye started turning Red. “Shun’s smiles at Skye. Did I tell you Skye, that you are very cute?” Shun Said. Skye started being fully red. “Shun… you Baka(Idiot).” Skye said. Smiling to Shun fully red (Blushing). Shun took Skye inside the restaurant. After they finish Eating. “Skye… I know that you hate boys” Shun said. “Yeah… But, You are different from them” Skye said. Suddenly Shun was Surprised. “ahmmm…” Shun said. “Hihihi, now you’re the One who’s blushing Shun”Skye said. “Ahehe…” Shun said. Shun hold Skye’s chick. Skye hold Shun’s hand. Shun smiles at Skye, while Skye was Blushing that she cannot look at Jeff. Shun removes his hand face Skye’s chick. “oh skye… I am Going to a School named Kisaragi High School. And I am already enrolled there” Shun said. Skye looks at Shun and looks at him surprisingly. “REALLY?! So what class are you in?” Skye asked. “I will be at class 4-A” Shun replied. Skye smiled deeply to Shun.“YES!!! I am the same class you!!!” Skye said being so Excited. “It is a Good lunch Shun. Arigatou Gozaimasu” Skye said. Shun stood up took Skye’s hand and they went back to Shun’s Car. “So where do you leave Skye? I will give you a ride home” Shun said. “it’s the second building in fujimino road” Skye replied. Shun drove the car till he got to Skye’s destination. Skye stepped out of the car. Also Shun. “Hehehe, I’ll see you at School Shun. (I love you)” Skye said.“I’ll see you too (If I heard correct I think she said something before going inside her home)” Shun said. Shun watches Skye get inside her home. Shun smiles. And went inside back to his car. And drove back to his shop. Shun went inside to his Office, Well she is a girl who loves games and very much loves Anime, My hearts is saying to conquer her hmmm…” Shun said.

Chapter 2: The Start of School at Kisaragi High
“When the beginning of everything shattered continues only one Girl can he conquer”

.Its June 9,2012. As Shun, Shin and June steps inside the class of 4-A they are always remembered because of their winning team in Games. But inside Xiarie Matsumoto quickly runs to Shun and hugs Shun. “Welcome back Shun!!!” Xiarie said. As Xiarie is about to kiss Shun. Shun closes the lips of Xiarie. “wow wow… Kissing in public is not cool for a Gamer like me” shun said. Then every student in the class started screaming “We love you Tamashi Brother and Tawamoto!!!” Every girl said. “I don’t know why but, we started becoming being popular in this school” Shin said. “Yeah I know” June said. “Baka’s!!! Seat down!!!” Maika said. “Who the hell are you…” Shun said. As Maika punches Shun’s face allowing shun to flew away. “WHAT THE HELL!!!!” Shun shouted while being punched through the sky. Then Maika looked at Shin and June with her Scary look. Then Maika smiles devilishly. “Now, take your seat” Maika said. Shin and June bows very fast to maika saying “Gumen, gumen, Gumen!!!”. Shin and June runs to their sits. The door opened. It was Shun. A Flaming Aura started surrounding Shun, looking at Maika with his Eyeglass broken also raising his fist. “Mai…ka!!!” Shun said. Then suddenly. “Well I will be going to my seat now” Shun said. Maika was wondering what happened to Shun. But after she punched Shun, Shun seems to stay happy all the time. Maika went to Shun. “Mo Shun (Hey shun)” Maika said. “Hai?(Yes?)” Shun said. “Shun, I wonder what happened to you. You seem happy all the time” Maika asked. Shin stayed on smiling. “Its, My new year Resolution that to be Happy always and be a very good cool Gentleman” Shun said. “Oh…” Maika said. A New Girl came in at Class 4-A, and diretly went in where Shun is. “Here’s a Story” Shun said. Then every student in their class came to Shun and Listened to his story. The students there at Class 4-A is only 10. “There was a cool, popular, kind hearted young man, where everyone will stood up too. Well end of story” Shun said. “What the hell is with that Story” June said. “Yeah… its cool right hahahaha!!!” Shun said. “Its cool!!!” The new girl said. “Jeff stood up. “Oh Skye, good to finally see you here” Shun said. Skye run toward to Shun and hugged him. “I am so happy Shun” Skye said. “Yeah… Me too” Shun said. Shun and Skye released their hug. “Well lets have a seat” Skye said to Shun. The homeroom teacher went inside the class of 4-A. “To introduce myself, I am your Class 4-A homeroom Teacher, My name is Jin Kisargi, I am 22 years old, but I know all that you don’t like me mad hahaha” Jin said. “I know who you all are, The Cool boy there is Shun Tamashi, then on his Right side is Maika Uchiha, then on his left is the New student, Skye Fye. On his Back is Xiarie Matsumoto, on the right side of miss Xiarie, is Shin Tamashi, Shun’s brother. On on the Left of Miss Xiarie is June Tawamoto.”Jin said. “Anyways to cut it all short. I your Homeroom teacher planned for a School Festival and since this Class is the smartes because its Class 4-A I want you all to handle this. Shun and Maika. Design the whole thing then let the other students also with you help complete the School festival. Is everything clear?” Jin said. “Hai Sensei!!!” Every student said. “Good, Design it. Before we go on designing the school show me the Designs” Jin said.“Alright, that would be all. Your all Dismiss” Jin added. Sensei Jin, Left the class. “nice a School Festival. That would b awesome.” Skye said. “Well sinc veryone agres in it already. Lets get to work” Shin Said.

Chapter 3: The School Festival
“Will Xiarie be able to confess her feelings for Shun?”

.It was March 30,2012. After preparing for the school festival. This is the start of the School festival. “ZzzzZZzzzzZ” Shin was sleeping. Maika found Shin sleeping. “ShiN!!!!” Maika Shouted. It quick reaction Shin woke up and fell on the ground. “What are you doing?! And where the hell is Shun. Me and Him are supposed to have a date” Maika said. Maika looked at Shin. Shin was smiling.“You know Maika. Where your Shun is (Evil smile)” Shin said. “Maika!!! Maika!!! Where are you?” Shun was shouting. Maika quickly rushed outside of the School. It was June who was screaming her name. Maika pointed a finger on June and a Flaming aura started surrounding her with flaming Eyes. “Wheres SHUN!!!!” Maika said. “I don’t know, that’s why I am also looking for you. But…” June said.“But what?” Maika replied. “Shun said. That I will be your date for now, cause he said. That he has to do something very important that he doesn’t want you to be involved in what he is going to do now” June said. “(Shun Baka), So am where are we heading?” Maika said. “Lets just, you know, window shop” June said. As they both went back to the school. Shun was hiding behind a Grass. “Good now that’s taken care of, now for my work” Shun said. “What work?” Xiarie said. Xiarie was sitting down beside Shun. “Wha. Wha wha… What?? How did you get here?” Shun said to Xiarie. “I was Following the Love of my life” Xiarie replied. “Who?” Shun asked. “You, silly. Who else am I talking to right now?”Xiarie said. “Right…” Shuns said. Shun was blushing. “Hihihi” Xiarie said.“Take my hand” Shun said. “Your… hand?” Xiarie said. Xiarie hold the hand of Shun and went to the Couple area. “There are sure many people here, in this area” Shun said. “Ahmmm” Xiarie said. Shun let go of Xiarie’s hand. “Seems everybody is having a Good time in the school festival” Shun said. “If I could just look for the girl whom I really am looking for” Shun added. “Shun…” Xiarie said. “Who could be the Girl who knows how to play games and watches anime all the time” Shun added again. “What if I am the girl you are looking for” Xiarie said Blushingly. “Huh?” Shun said. “What if I am the girl?!”Xiarie said. Shun touches the Head of Xiarie. “Hahaha… don’t be ridiculous, You don’t play games”Shun said. “I play games Shun” Xiarie said. “Oh… Prove it to me then…” Shun said. As Xiarie takes the challenge of Shun, Xiarie kisses Shun in the Lips very quick. Shun was left Eyes shocked. “you…” Shun said. “I said. Games… But I think this will do” Shun said. Shun turn his back and left. Xiarie touches her lips. “His lips, is different” Xiarie said. Shun went outside of the School and saw Maika and June. “Oh Maika, sorry for the sudden change of schedule” Shun said. Maika gave Shun a Smile. “Oh ow,This doesn’t look good” Shun said. An Aura started flowing out of Maika’s body. “I guess you should run” June said.“Your Right” Shun said and Runned for his life. “Not so fast” Maika said. Maika quickly grabbed Shun neck collar. “You know Shun, I prepared this Clothes for our Date. And now, you suddenly changed Schedule. Don’t worry the thing I am going to do is not gonna hurt you” Maika said. “Oh God, Please don’t kill me!”Shun said. Maika throwed Shun on the Sky and With the sudden impact Shun fell on the ground. “Your right, it didn’t hurt me (Vomits blood)” Shun said. Shun stood up. “Hmmmm how bout, you schedule for our date Maika” Shun said while removing the dirt in his clothes. “I will just text if you if I come up with the schedule” Maika said. “alright then” Shun replied. Shun turned his back and Left the School. “Shun…” Maika said. “Hey Maika. I guess we should head home also. It’s getting late already” June said.

Chapter 4: A new Classmate
“A girl. Who seems to know every student, and another confession of Xiarie, as Shun tell everything, what he has observed”

After the School festival. “Ohayo…” Sir Jin came inside. Every student stood up.“Ohayo Sensei!!!”. Jin took up the poster he was holding and posted it on the Blackboard. “Here we are planning of this following activites for the school which is…” Jin was interrupted. The school principal came in. “Ohayo…” The Principal said. “Ohayo!!!” Every student said. The principal walked in to the center table. “Now as of this day, you are having a new classmate. Come in” the Principal said. The door opened, a girl came in and followed the principal.“Introduce yourself please”. “I am Miaka Shiratomi, 15 years old.” Miaka said. Jeff was shocked to here the name. “Masaka…(It can’t be)” Shun said. Maika looked at Shun. “What’s the matter Shun?” Maika asked. “Miaka, is the girl, from the first school I studied too. “(I think what he meant was, the girl’s creator is Ace) Don’t tell me Shun, that she was your first girlfriend, that still now you like?” Maika said. Miaka keep on looking at Shun. Miaka waved her hand at Shun. Shun was blushing. “(Kuso)” Shun said. The school bell rang. “Ok class you are dismissed for you Recess break.” The school principal said. Shun walked outside alone. At the cafeteria. Xiarie is seated beside Shun, hugging him while he eats. “Can you let go of me for a while, I am trying to eat here”Shun said. “Nope” Xiarie replied. “NANI?!” Shun said. Xiarie giggles. Miaka came infront of them. “Hey what are you doing on my boyfriend?!” Miaka said.“Your Boyfriend?!” Xiarie replied. “Oh God, here we go..” Shun said. Xiarie stood up and went where miaka is. “He is my boyfriend, your just a new student how can you be his Girlfriend, I am Shun’s Girlfriend!!!” Xiarie said. “Right Shun?” Xiarie said. “I don’t remember you being my Girlfriend, and didn’t even started courting you yet.” Shun said. “But…” Xiarie said. “yeah yeah, you are girlfriend” Shun said. “Don’t tell me Shun your planning on dating two girls at the same time?” Miaka said. “No… And I don’t plan on dating you both” Shun said. “Well I better go then.” Shun said and stood up, as he leaves the cafeteria. “(Shun, What happened to you)” Miaka said to herself. Outside of the school. Xiarie was waiting. “What do you want?” Shun said. “Shun… You love me right?” Xiarie said. “Yeah… but its impossible for you to be loved because of many guys going after you” Shun replied. (Wait is he referring to my real life?) What are you talking about Shun?” Xiarie asked. Shun turned his back.“At first, on before japan hasn’t been invaded yet, Niel was going after you, because of my love to you. I beated up Niel. Another one is going after you and its Ash. They were on the other side of the table. And yet, I gave you chance to go baguio for our first date. But you have missed your chance.” Shun said.“But, you’re the one I really love, not them” Xiarie said. Shun looks at Xiarie removing his eyeglass. “I can only promise you that I can love you if you stay away from them. I don’t want to have injuries anymore. IF you promise that you will stay away from them, I will love you, if not, you have miss another chance.” Shun said. Shun worn his eyeglass again, and walked back to class. “I promise you that Shun, Hope In the future I can be your wife” Xiarie said.“Which will never happen” Shun said to himself

Chapter 5: A Charm
“A Charm in which Maika saw in the internet, but rumors says its Cursed”

.at the kisaragi high. Shun, Miaka, Maika, with the other 4-A class were sitted in circle. At the middle, there was Maika’s candle. Maika was telling ghost stories. “There was a School in which Kids were murdered. There were 4 children reported missing during the accident. 3 were murdered, the other reported Missing. The 1st Victim which was named Yuki lost her eye as her tongue. The 2nd victim which named Ash, he lost his upper head part including his tongue. The other being Kisami just lost his tongue. The final one was Sachiko which was reported missing.” Maika said. Shun being so frighten, he was holding Miaka’s hand. “So how could this story be scary?” June said.“Because ones you enter this school you can never ever go out, which means you will just have to die” Maika replied. The Lights went out. “This doesn’t look good” Shin said. “Hey Xiarie get off of me” Shin added. Then the door started to open. Ghost sounds was being heared. “HOLY Crap!!!” Shun shouted. “Shun check the door” Maika said. Miaka was looking at Shun. Shun closed his eyes and said “Alright”. Shun stood up and went infront of the door. A corpse arm was seen, as the one who losed the arm started getting in and said “BOOO!”. “WAHHH!!!!”Shun shouted and rolled all over at the back and got ready for action. Someone entered. “(Laughs) Did I scare you Mr. Tamashi” Jin said. “(Damn, I was so confident that I wouldn’t shout for Miaka) No not much Sensei” Shun replied.“(Laughs) You should seen the look on your face Shun” Shin said. “The (What the?!)”Shun replied. “Hey Everyone come here” Maika called. “I got a charm which we will be friends forever if the ritual is a success” Maika added. Everyone gathered where Maika is, Jin also joined. “Ok guys we will be pulling the straps and keep it on our selves. But before that, we must say the words“Sachiko we beg of you” nine times. Everyone got it?” Maika said. “Hai!!!”Everyone answered. As they do the thing Maika said. The Pieces of straps were pulled off. “Good Job everyone” Maika said. “Yeah and I will love you forever Miaka” Shun said to Miaka. Miaka blushes and Giggle. The Ground Started shaking, and the lights started to flicker. “What the?!” June said. “Everyone hold on!” Shun shouted. Miaka quickly grabbed Shun’s hand. The floor started to be devastated. “Oh Crap!” Shun said. As Shun and Miaka falls. “HELP!!!!” Miaka shouts. Everyone falls into the Darkness.
-To be Continued-

Chapter 6: The Past World
“know about the Tenshin elementary school”

.Shun wakes up. As he looks around. “What the Hell?” Shun said. “Arggg!” Shun feels some pain. “What’s this?” Shun asks himself, as he saw Blood in his Right leg. He tries to stand up. As he stood up, saw a body just in front of him. Shun’s heart started pumping. He goes to where it is. “No… Its… a Dead Corpse?!” Shun said. There is a name tag just beside the corpse. Shun looks at it and reads it“Xiarie Matsumoto”. “WHAT?!... this can’t be real!!!” Shun says being so frightened. We wanders off again. “I think I was with Miaka when we got sucked into the abyss” Shun said. “Shun…” A Voice said. “Miaka?” Shun said. As Shun follows the Voice, it is Maika. “Maika are you alright?” Shun asked. “Yeah, but I think my ankle is Broken” Maika replied. Shun carried Maika like Soldiers do when someone is hurt. “Don’t worry we will look for the Therapy room” Shun said. “Arigatou Shun” Maika said. They went outside of the School. “Seems to be that we are in another dimension” Shun said. “Why did you say that?” Maika wandered. “Because bloods, Corpse, Ghost. But I am not quite sure about ghosts yet, I didn’t saw them yet here” Shun said. “You mean… tha…that” Maika pointed on the ghost. “Yeah that one” Shun said. “Wait what?” Shun added. “Holy Crap!!!” Shun said. “I ll e a t y ou r soul s” The ghost said. “And now is the time to run” Shun said. Maika had lose here grip. “Shun!!!” Maika shouted.“Maika!” Shun replied. Shun carried Maika again. And They runned again. They found a Room and stopped for a moment. “Damn… this place is haunted” Shun said.“(Deep Breathing) I am tired… I wanna go Home (Cries)” Maika said. Shun Hugged Maika and said. “There there, don’t cry I am here with you” Shun said. Shun released their hug. He looks at the Window. “And I even saw Xiare’s corpse infront of my Eyes before I found you Maika” Shun said. Shun found something on the floor.“hmmm seems to be a map about this place” Shun said. “Really? Let me see” Maika said. Shun handed over the map to Maika. As Maika looks at the Map she said“This is a very big school! To impossible for us to get out here, and the exit is in the second wing of the school, with ghost here, they might it us Shun! I want to die happy not being terrified!” Maika said. “right…” Shun said. A cracking noise was heard. “Sssshhh! You hearing that?” Shun said upon reaction.“What? No I am not hearing anything?” Maika replied. Shun opens the door, they went outside. “Seems to be the ghost is gone” Shun said. Shun is carrying Maika. “You 2 must be a living spirit that was sent here also” A girl voice said. “Huh?! Who said that?” Shun said.“I did” the girl appears in front of Shun and Maika eyes. “And you are?” Shun asks. “I am Sayuri Nagashima, I am also a spirit that was sent here” Sayuri said. “How terrible, what is happening here” Maika asks. “This school was once to be a very peaceful school, a young girl named Sachiko was studying here in this school. She had no friends, she is always alone in this school, until a day a teacher pushed her from the railings causing Sachiko to die. The principal kept Sachiko in somewhere in this school. Which I still don’t know where. From the report Sachiko was also reported missing.” Sayuri replied. Sayuri gives a key to Shun. “also there are zombies in this school, the armory of the school is in the second wing, and let me give you this as a warning, The Zombies are very attracted to the noise. So keep your footsteps quite when walking around there.” Sayuri said. “Wait, what kind of a school holds an Armory, and how did you know?” Shun asks. “Good question, was doing a research about this school, and they say that, upon doing a Mistake on the Sachiko ever after doll, you will be sent back to tenshin elementary school and die” Sayuri said. “I must go, I have something to take care of, Bye bye” Sayuri added. As the girl goes, Shun and Maika’s destination will be the School armory. While they were walking Zombies are already in front of them “This is not good” Maika said. Without hesitation Shun carried Maika. “Seems that they can’t see us, were gonna walk pass by them, trust me” Shun whispered. Shun walks slowly into the mob of Zombies. As They got pass by them. Shun and Maika ends up into a Classroom. “Seems to be very Quiet” Maika said. A slamming of the door is heard. “What the?!” Shun said. Shun puts Maika into a Chair. Shun goes to the door. “The door is shut tight (Crap don’t tell me)” Shun said. Shun goes back to where Maika is. “The door is shut tight” Shun said. “Maika is starring at something. “Why what’s wrong?” Shun asks. “Shun looks at where Maika is looking. “A gho…gho…ghost!!!” Maika shouts. “ Oh a Ghost, seems to be friendly”Shun said. Shun walks in where the goes is. “wazzup you ghost?” Shun asks. “Shun! you idiot what are you doing?!” Maika said. “Relax will ya” Shun said. “What’s your name?” Shun asks the ghost. “I I I a m Yuki” Yuki said. “Say what happened to you?” Shun asks. Yuki points the blackboard. Shun reads the blackboard. “I have lost my tongue, please I need it, for me to tell you what’s going on”. “I see, don’t worry we’ll look for your tongue, just guide ok?” Shun said. Yuki nodded. Yuki points the Blackboard again as Shun reads it again. “I can’t she is watching us?” Shun said. “Who’s watching you?” Shun added. Yuki gives a Newspaper to Shun and points at a picture. “This girl is Sachiko. Don’t tell me this little girl Is watching you?” Shun said. “Y e s , S h e I s watc ing us” Yuki said. The ghost disappears. “That was weird”. “We better rest up here first, and take a sleep, don’t worry, I have my bag with me, full of foods hehehe” Shun said. “hai oyasumi” Maika replies. “(She must be really scared about what is happening around here this days, I better sleep with her)” Shun said to himself. “I wonder where the others are?” Shun added

Chapter 7: Insane mind
“Insanity starts”

.Shun wakes up but still beside of Maika. Shun’s phone started ringing. “Hello?” Shun answers. “Help me” A Strange voice said. “Wha?” Shun replies. “Help me” The strange voice keeps repeating it. Shun didn’t think and cancelled the call.“That was weird” Shun said. Maika also wakes up. “Where are we?” Maika asks.“Still in this creepy school” Shun replies. “Well then let’s go and look for the little girl’s tongue” Shun added. “No…” Maika said. “Eh?” Shun asks. “I want to go home already” Maika cries. “(Oh crap), hmmmm let see, if we can help the little ghost, maybe she can tell us on how to get out of here.” Shun said.“NO!!! I am going to the entrance and go home!” Maika runs out of the classroom, leaving Shun behind. “Okay…” Shun said silently. “And now she has run of, I better follow here” Shun said. Another earthquake followed. “Oh no!!!” Shun said. Shun kneeled down. “(Maika)”. The earthquake stops. Shun again stood up and went to look for Maika. At the entrance of the school. Maika is there standing, watching the corner. “Hey Maika” Shun said. Maika didn’t respond. Shun goes closer. “Maika?”. “Tomorrow will be my daughters birthday”Maika said. “(Crap!, she is now being controlled by the ghosts!)” Shun said to himself. Maika looks Shun, Maika raises a Knife. “Wait where did you get that knife?” Shun said. “RAAGHH!!!” Maika tries killing Shun. As Maika attacks Shun, Shun can only do is dodge her attacks. “Maika snap out of it!!!” “DIE DIE DIE!!!” Maika keeps repeating. “(I have no Choice)” Shun said. Shun punches Maika’s stomach very hard knocking out Maika for a short time. “Sorry” Shun said. Shun carries Maika and went back to look for their friends. While walking, Shun hears camera sounds. “A Camera?”Shun said. Shun follows the sound and saw one of his classmate taking pictures.“June!” Shun said. “A Shun” June replied. “What the hell happened here? Shun asks. “Seems to be someone has been pounded here, by the looks of it, there are still breast there, so I am guessing that it’s a Female” June said. “I see, have so anyone yet?” Shun asks. “Apparently, only you and Maika are the living souls that I have so far encountered” June replies. “ oh I see. Would you like to come with us, and search for the others?” Shun said. “Sorry, I have to look for Skye, she is lonely without me, so I want to look for her on my own” June said. “Oh alright then, if you found her, or anyone else, tell them to rendezvous at class 1-A” Shun said. “Sounds like a plan” June said. “alright we better look for the others” Shun said. Shun carries Maika again and goes and look for the others. “Seems, the insanity of our classmates are about to start, hope they don’t kill themselves”

Chapter 8: Time follows
“A Little Fight might the lost of everything”

.Shun while carrying Maika, found a Therapy room. Shun sat Maika down on one of the bed. He ripped the right sleeve of his pants. “Seems the bleeding is getting worse by the second, if I keep doing this, I might die early” Shun said. He wrapped his wound using the ripped sleeve of his pants. “Shun!!” someone shouted. “Huh? I just heard a voice” Shun said. “No… If I follow that voice, what will happen to Maika?” Shun had a second thought. Shun wandered around. Seems to be a quiet place. “Better leave here for the time being” Shun goes to Door. “I will be back for you Maika” Shun added. Shun went back placed a flashlight on Maika’s left hand. He went on and looks for the person who shouted. As Shun left, Maika woke up. “Shun? Where are you?” Maika said. She looked at her left hand. “This is Shun’s flashlight” Maika said. “Where could he be?” Maika added. Sounds of Pages are being heard. Maika stood up and Goes to the Desk. And she saw the pencil moving on its on. Maika’s whole body started quaking in fear. “(Shun… please come back)”. Maika runs to the door. But the Door is covered in hairs. “What the?!” Maika said. Maika tries pulling of the hairs. “The hairs are too many” Maika said. “Where are you going Student of Kisaragi? Hehehe” The ghost said and appears at the back of Maika. “Come here!” The ghost said. The ghost grabs Maika, devouring her entire body. “Shun Tama..shi…” Maika said softly. Then Someone kicks the door. And it was Shun. “Nobody touches Maika!” Shun said, Shun throws a glass of holy water at the ghost. “Graaa!!! What is this?!” The ghost said. “That my friend is Holy water” Shun replied. “You won’t go away with this, I will come back for you boy!” The Ghost said. “Make sure you will do that” Shun said. The ghost then disappears. Shun goes near to Maika and kneeled his right leg down. “Are you ok?” Shun asks. Maika then slaps Shun. “Why did you leave me behind?!” Maika shouts at Shun. “I didn’t mean to leave you behind, cause I heard a voice of a living person, but I wasn’t even to follow the voice” Shun explained. “You should have woke me up!!! And both of us should have located the voice!!” Maika shouts again to Shun. “I’m sorry” Shun said. Maika cries and Leaves the Room, leaving Shun behind. “Didn’t thought of that will happen” Shun said, as he drops a tear from his right eye. “Screw this!” Shun punches the ground. “Kuso!(Damn it!)” Shun added grinding his teeth. Shun stood up. “Maybe I’ll go and follow her” Shun said to himself. But another earthquake started. “Woah!!!” Shun said. He becomes unconscious because of the Earthquake. As soon as he wakes up. He walks outside. There was a change in the building. “Whoa…” Shun said. “(Another change of scene)” he said to himself. Shun start walking at left side of his direction. As he was walking, he was encountered with Sayuri again. “What now?” Shun said. “Seems your hatred is flowing onto your veins” Sayuri said. “So what?!” Shun shouted angrily. “I don’t have time for this” Shun walks passing Sayuri. “Do you remember your Foster Father Ragna the Bloodedge?” Sayuri said. “What?” Shun stops. “Good, I have your attention now” Sayuri said. “Your foster father is here in this Building” Sayuri said. “What do you mean Foster Father? He’s my Dad” Shun said. “Oh whatever” Sayuri said. “Where is he? Tell me where he is” Shun said. “But…” Sayuri said. “But what?” Shun said. “You can’t meet him up” Sayuri said. “You said he is in the building” Shun said. “He is… but he is not in this Dimension in where you are” Sayuri replied. “No… otto-san(Father)” Shun said. “I just gave you what I have to say, now I must go” Sayuri said. “Wait…” Shun said quickly. “Can you tell me where Maika is? Also our friends?” Shun asks. “She is somewhere in this building, better hurry, before someone kills her. For your friends. Only You, Maika, June and Miaka including Shin are in this dimension. The others are killed already. The one being pictured by June was Skye. And the one you saw when you woke up is Xiarie” Sayuri said. “but how was Xiarie killed? Isn’t she with us during the process of the Charm?” Shun said. “No…” Sayuri replied. “What do you mean?” Shun started being confused. “Xiarie was already here before you did the ritual with other friends. She was already killed by Sachiko with a large sewing scissors” Sayuri said. “And why were we sent here? Back in time” Shun asks. Sayuri looks at the back “Your friends did something wrong in the ritual. The process must be, each member must say “Sachiko if we please” 9 times” Sayuri started acting weird. “Your friends did it wrong but didn’t mind gahahhaa. And you and the others will be stuck here for eternity!!!” Sayuri said. Sayuri walks away. “kuso… I must find the others. And get the… huh what’s this?” Shun founds something glowing on the floor. He also picks it up. “A tape… named Kibiki’s way out”. “This must be the way on how to get out of this school. But I must watch this and look for my friends.

Chapter 9: Escape
“The end of Tenshin High”
.Shun was walking at a Dark Corridor of the school. But he was holding a flashlight. “I need to look for Maika” Shun said. “But she runs away from you” The Guy said. “Who’s there?!” Shun points the flashlight. “No it can’t be” Shun said. “Otto-san(Father)…” Shun added. “Yes it’s me, it’s been a long time son” Ragna said. “Sayuri said, that you are in a different dimension?” Shun asks. “I am, but what you are seeing right now is just a hologram of me” Ragna said. “But I see no hologram material here?!” Shun said. “I am in the sword, that’s in front of your face” Ragna said. “The Blood-sword…” Shun said. “Yes, I am transferring the message from your Father, So I am not really your Father, I am the sword” Blood Sword said. “Your Father sent me, to give this sword to you” Blood Sword said. “I can’t… I don’t know how to use it” Shun said. “Trust your Father, Wield me and you will be able finish everything” Blood Sword. “But I must look for the others, especially Maika” Shun replied. “They are already united, but they are looking for Sachiko’s real body, that has been buried somewhere here. I will lead you there. For now you will learn to use your Blood Eye. Or should I call it, Azure Grimore” Blood Sword said. “Remove your Eyeglass” Blood Sword added. In the Principals Room. “huh? There is a tongue here in this bag, and the name labels Yuki” Maika said. “You know we should look for Shun” June said. “And Miaka is still not yet being found” Shin said. “We just deliver the tongue and head on” Maika said. “No need I am already here” Yuki said. “Ok then, here’s your tongue” Maika said. “Arigatou” Yuki said, the ghost disappears and a Door opens. “There, we should go there” Maika said. June and Shin has no choice but to follow. After they got pass. Zombies we around them. “And this is not good” Shin said. “I told you we should look for Shun first” June said. “No we can handle this” Maika said. The Zombies started charging to them. “Who said, that you could handle it” A Voice said. “That Voice” Maika said. A flash started. Every Zombie was killed. “it’s Shun and Miaka” Shin said. “Yes it’s us” Shun said. “Now then, lets look Sachiko and get the hell out of here” Shun added. At the end. Sachiko’s body was there. Then, Sachiko’s ghost appears. Everyone’s body was frozen. “(No)” Shun said. Sachiko grabs the Sewing Scissors, and starts stabbing Miaka’s arm. “Miaka!” Maika said. Their bodies are not frozen anymore. “(Give her the Tape)” Blood Sword said to Shun. Shun hands over the Tape. “(And the Doll)” Blood Sword added. Shun also hands over the Doll. “My Doll, little Pushin” Sachiko said. Shun goes to Sachiko. Hold her head. “I had known everything about you, on how you died, on how your mother died. It was there in that tape. You are a very lonely girl. With no friends. I had experienced the same thing just like yours, but I found my friends, my real friends” Shun said. Then Maika goes to Sachiko as well. “We are very sorry, that we have disturbed this school, that’s why we are ready to leave already” Maika said. “So Scahiko-san we beg of you” Shin said. Sachiko smiled a signal for them to reverse the ritual. “Yosh… Everyone gather up. You all know what to do. “we say Sachiko-san we beg of you 5 times then I’ll add another”. “Sachiko-san we beg of you” Shun started. “Sachiko-san we beg of you” Maika follows, then goes for Shin, June and Miaka. “Sachiko-san we of you” Shun added. Another flash came. And they were sent back to their School. “That’s it, it finally have ended” Shun said. “Well then. I must go, My must look for my Father, didn’t thought the Girl with the Dead Fish Eyes lied about my Father” Shun added. Shun leaves the Room. “I’ll stay here and clean up here” Miaka said. “Same for us” Shin and June said. Maika follows Shun. “Shun…!” Maika shouted. Shun stops and looks at Maika. “I’m sorry Shun… I didn’t mean too” Maika said. “It’s okay” Shun walks away without saying another word.
-To be continued at Episode 2-
End of Episode 1

Episode 2: Apocalypse
Episode Introduction:
.They say that Zombie apocalypse has never been proven to be true. One day at a Science facility. “We have done it” A Scientist head. “What have you done?” The Head Scientist replied. “The Z-Virus” the Scientist Said. “With this we can rule the world!” The Scientist Added. “What does that experiment do?” The Head scientist asks. “What does it do? One drop of this to a Human Flesh, Zombies will come to life” The Scientist answered. “Here let me test” The Scientist added. “No don’t!” The Head scientist said. The Scientist pours his experiment in his arm, the chemical starts reacting. The Scientist’s body is shaking. “No… I must get out of here!” The Head Scientist said. He runs of the through the chamber door. He looks at the window door. “Brains…” The Zombie said. “His Experiment is dangerous… but I don’t have a wife, I don’t have a child obviously, I must well die, I don’t a life to live in… gahahha” The Head Scientist said. The Head Scientist then opens the chamber, letting the zombie out. Lets the Zombie eat him, turning into one of them already. News Reported that it hasn’t spread yet. Also the infection has begun at a Japanese Facility. Our story goes back after the events at Tenshin Elementary School.

Chapter 1: The Truth
“Maika Tells Everything to Shun”

.Shun was still walking away. “Shun… please wait” Maika said. Shun stops as Maika said it. “Please look at me…” Maika said softly, dropping tears from her eyes, Shun goes to her. “Shun… please don’t leave me behind… I don’t want to lose you” Maika said. “Maika…” Shun said softly. “I never been so complete until the day I met you… I am very sorry about what about happened at Tenshin” Maika continues dropping her tears, Maika goes closer to Shun, she leans to Shun as she doesn’t want to let go. Shun starts going red. “(Oh God, this kind of situation is not in games..)” Shun thinks. “(Come on Shun think)” Shun thinks again. “Please say something Shun” Maika said. “I..I…I…” Shun keeps repeating the word. “Shun…” Maika grips Shun’s clothes while crying even more. “I want to take you out for Dinner, you know just the two of us” Shun said, Maika suddenly stops crying, and looks to Shun smiling, She cries again. “You can now stop crying” Shun said. “I can’t it’s the tear of joy” Maika said. “Let’s go” Shun said. Maika holding the hand of Shun been felt even happier. “Seems, she has finally done it” Shin said looking at the Window from the school. “Congrats nee-san(Brother)” Shin added.

Chapter 2: Two Gods of Conquests
“2 Gods will finally meet”

.4 months later. At the Computer shop of the Tamashi’s. “Hey brother, seems that our shop is now being great hit over the internet” Shin said. “What make you say that?” Shun said. “I really have no idea, maybe one of the Gaming inspectors came to the shop, without us noticing. And it says It is also proven that Shun Tamashi, owner of the Tamashi Computer is the world known Second God of Conquest. Rather than having Keima Katsuragi the first known God of Conquest” Shin said as he reads the Blog. “Hmmm… I have heard about the first God of Conquest, but he is only good at Conquering two dimensional girls, look for the real Keima Katsuragi. Invite him over the Shop, if he asks where he will sleep, tell him that there is a extra Bed room in the shop” Shun said. “I will have a date with Maika tonight, so I will be leaving the Shop to you, for now” Shun said. “Here’s the key to my office” Shun gives the key to Shun. “Guard it with your life” Shun added. “Alright brother, enjoy your day with Maika” Shin said. “Oh and Shin, turn on the Defense turrets, don’t worry they have been approved by the Japanese President” Shun said outside. “Okay brother” Shin replied. Shun goes to his car and drives to Maika’s home. Shun stopped over at the Flower stand, to by flowers for Maika. He went back to his car. “Maybe this present will give me the ending of me and Maika, hopefully” Shun said. He drives again, till he got to Maika’s home. “Maika I’m already here” Shun said to the phone. Maika went out of her home. When he saw Maika, “Holy Crap… She Is beautiful. (Heh best day of my life)” Shun said. Maika goes inside of Shun’s Car. “So where will be eating?” Shun asks. “Hmmmm… we eat at Tokyo Tokyo, I love the Japanese food there” Maika replies. Shun steps on the goes and head on. After an hour while they were still eating he was given a message by his brother. “The God of Conquest will arrive shortly!” Shin texted. Meanwhile at the Shop. A dude with Eyeglass approaches Shin. “Hello, I am looking for Shun Tamashi” The Guy said. “And you must be?” Shin asks. “I am Keima Katsuragi, the first God of Conquest” Keima said. Shin started sweating out. “(Oh Crap Shun is not yet here, Think Shin!)” Shin thinks what to offer Keima for the meantime. “Please Keima, have a seat on the Gods area for the Meantime” Shin said. “Thank you” Keima goes to the Gods area. “Is this the Computers and Console that we will be using?” Keima asks. “Uh yeah… it was prepared by Shun” Shin replied. “Good, and where is he?” Keima asks again. “Hmmm he will be arriving shortly please wait” Shin said. Shin gave Keima a glass of Coffee for the meanwhile. Shin grabs his phone and texts Shun “Where the Hell are you?! He is already here!”. “I will be arriving shortly…. By that I mean now” Shun replies back. “So where’s Keima?” Shun arrives at the door with Maika. Shin points the God area. Keima stood up. “I am the one they call God of Conquest” Keima said. “Hello to you too” Shun said. “I received that you want to have a match to see who’s the better GOC(God of Conquest)” Keima said. Shun looks at Shin. “What the (What the?!)?! You said that to him? I just want to have a talk with this guy!” Shun said. “And I must say that you did well in preparing our God area” Keima added. “Well, I don’t want to waste your time, shall we?” Shun said. Shun sat down on where he will be. “Gemu sutato! (Game Start!)” Shun and Keima said. Games of dating Sim started appearing on their screens. They were reading every word, just clicking the X button. After 30 minutes. They have all the screens ended with the kiss. “Seems you are good Shun” Keima said. “Yeah, you too” Shun replied. “Let’s have round two” Keima said. “Alright” Shun replied. “But on this round, I am telling you that I wouldn’t hold back this time” Keima said. “I didn’t ask you to hold back” Shun said. “Maika went back from a Japanese store to buy foods for Shun. “Are they done yet?” Maika asks Shin. “No, they are having round two, battles like this, there will be no end” Shin said. “So how’s the date?” Shin added. “It was good, best day of my life, I should say, Shun gave me this ring, and this Necklace” Maika said. “So have you answered Shun yet?” Shin asks. “Not yet, still waiting for the right time” Maika smiles “But I love him already” Maika added. “That’s good” Shin said. Shin looks at Shun, “Oh no, he’s getting tired” Shin said. “Why?” Maika said. “Look at his fingers, it’s slowing down, he will definitely lose, do something” Shin said. “hmmm… Shun! Go for it!” Maika shouts. “RAAA!!!” Shun roars, and Removes his eyeglass. “Ha, I read that from your blog” Keima said. “Take this! FIRE WHEEL!” Keima starts clicking around in circles releaseing a Fire wheel as he spins his arms clicking every button. “No…” Shun said. “DARK WHEEL!” Shun said. Releasing a Dark wheel around him, making him much faster than the Fire wheel. Shun’s screen ended up by Kiss, all screens. But Keima lacked a screen. They stopped playing. “I can’t believe it, I lost” Keima said. “Sorry, but who’s the better God?” Shun teases Keima. “Y..Y…You are” Keima said. “OH YEAH!!!” Shun shouted for Joy. The T.V turned all of the sudden. “We are horrified to announce that ZOMBIE INFECTION! Is spreading throughout Tokyo Japan!. IF you are inside your House, don’t leave, or you will die!” The News caster said. “And that doesn’t sound good” Shin said.

Chapter 3: The Beginning
“The Rise of the Zombies”
.The Reporter of Japan reported the Zombie apocalypse. “And that doesn’t look good” Shin said. “Give me the key to our weapon storage” Shun said. “Maika stay here” Shun added. The Lights started to dim. “Damn I don’t have my flash light” Shun said. “Oh your flashlight it’s there at the cabinet” Shin said. “Thanks” Shun replied. Shun went to his office. “I will be joining you God of Conquest” Keima went to Shun’s office. “You sure?” Shun said. “Yeah… Give me a flashlight also” Keima said. Shun gave Keima a Flashlight. “Who knows… maybe I can learn something from you 2nd Capturing God” Keima added. “I will take that as… ah never mind let’s go” Shun went outside of the Office with Keima. “Shun… You guard Maika. If anything happens to her (Lowers eyeglass) I’ll kill yeah gahahaha” Shun said. “What’s with the Evil laugh?” Maika said. Shun goes closer to Maika and he removes his eyeglass closing his Left eye and takes Maika’s right hand “I just don’t like anything to happen to you” Shun smiles to Maika and wears the Eyeglass back. “Let’s go Tamashi” Keima said. They went on. “here’s a flashlight Maika” Shin gives Maika a flashlight. “Thanks Shin” Maika replies. “The Gates are close so no need to worry much, hope they don’t get bitten” Shin said. “After all there are going to the Storage room to grab weapons” Shin added. “are those legal firearms?” Maika ask. “Dunno. Shun never told me anything if it’s Illegal or Legal” Shin replied. The Lights starter flickering. “Huh?” Maika said. “Wait I am going to call Shun, if something wrong has happen on our circuit breaker” Shin said. “Yo?” Shun said. “Nee-san, the lights are flickering” Shin said. “Yeah I know, it is also flickering her” Shun said. “The Zombies might have entered the Building already. Stay alert. Oh and Guard Maika. She must be still alive, because I want to tell her something” Shun said. “Tamashi-kun. Look up ahead” Keima said. “What the? You call back later brother, we have company” Shun ended the call. Shun and Keima’s View. “Keima here” Shun gives Keima a Broom stick. Shun gets another Broom stick. “Good thing janitor’s closet are always here” Shun said. “Just one Zombie, save that broom stick Keima, I’m going to smash the head. Watch closely” Shun said. Shun walks slowly going to the Zombie. “(No need to panic Shun, it’s just one Zombie)” Shun said, to himself. Shun goes closer, with force he smashes the Zombie’s Head. “Well that’s over Keima let’s go” Shun said. Keima goes and stops. “The Zombie is not dead Tamashi” Keima said. “What? I smashed the head already” Shun said. “Loo..loo…look behind you” Keima trembling. Shun turns around. “And he was right… raaa!!!” Shun smashes the Zombie. “Take this!!! And This!!! Die!!!” He said, as he continue to smash the Zombie. Keima goes near. “And now his dead, and you even made some internal organs come out” Keima said. “forget that, let’s go” Shun replied. Back To Shin and Maika. Shin’s phone rang. “Hello?” Shin said. “This is Shun, We nailed down the Zombie, and we are nearing the destination. Be alert” Shun said. “Sure Thing” Shin said. Then Shun said “And if something happens to…”. “Yeah yeah, if something happens to Maika, my head will be cut off, right I got it” Shin said. “Good, after we got the weapons, we will have a discussion with Keima and Maika, we also have to get out of this place” Shun said and ended the call. “So what did he say? He will discuss something after getting the weapons” Shin said. “Braiiinns!!”. “Did you hear that?” Shin said. “Yeah…” Maika said. “Take the wooden sword of Shun there at his Office” Shin said. Maika goes and looks for the sword. The Zombie’s words are getting closer “Braiiiiiinns!!!”. Finally Maika found the Sword and goes back to Shin. “Here Shin” Maika giving the sword to Shin. “Nah… you hold it… I’ll just stab this knife to the head of the Zombie” Shin said. The Zombie goes near. “Stay back Maika, I’ll kill this Crap… RAAA!!” Shin runs to the Zombie and Stabs its head. “Shin’s phone started Ringing and it was Shun. “Oh the Zombie doesn’t die easily, I tried smashing the head, but it was still alive. So killing its heart is also another idea to kill it. Well good luck” Shun ended the call. “You got to be kidding me” Shin said. Then the zombie stands up. “Give me brains!!!” The Zombie said. Shin pulls out the Knife in the Zombie’s head, and Stabs it on the heart, then the Zombie drops on his knees, and dies. “Well that’s settled” Shin said. “That was cool Shin!” Maika said. “Thanks” Shin replies. After 20 minutes, Shun and Keima goes back to the Main lobby where Maika and Shin is, with the Weapons. Shun and Keima drops the Boxes. “Lock and Load, we are going somewhere” Shun said. They grab the weapons and equipments that are suited for them. “So Shun what do you got?” Keima asks. “Hmmm… I got, a duel magazine m4a1 carbine attached with a knife and a reflex scope, and 2 m9 pistols, I also got, locking picking tools, snake cam, oh and a Ear lamp” Shun said. “How about you Maika?” Shun asks. “just 2 pistols, you thought me how to use the pistol, so I like the pistols” Maika said. “You Keima?” Shun asks Keima. “A Combat Knife, an M16 rifle, 1 USP .45 pistol” Keima said. “How about you Shin?” Keima ask. “3 small throwing knives, a mp5 large mag, 2 USP .45 pistol, a Snake cam and a Lock Picking tool” Shin replied. “Guys you need the Ear lamp, here are some ear lamp, I already have mine” Shun distributes the other ear lamp, “and to hand flashlights that you guys have, keep it, it case that ear lamp battery dies” Shun added. “And the thing that you are going to discuss to us?” Maika asks. “Oh right, we have 2 friends, that are needing us” Shun said. “and that will be June and Miaka?” Shin asks. “Yeah… we will first go to June, we will also need his intelligence, having more intelligent people means more strategy” Shun said. “We have to last Miaka” Shun added. “June lives at Yamashita Street, so we will need a car in going there. For Miaka she lives at Matsubara Street. Their houses are the first house that you will see upon going to the street” Shun said. “Here are some Clips… grab everything you need, the Clips are labeled, so grab the clip that is for the Gun who have” Shun gets the box at his back. “You are very prepared for a God Gamer” Keima said. “We start moving out at 12:00 midnight. There are energy drinks at the refrigerator there beside the cashier. Then foods, are also there, but raw. You can cook them at the kitchen on the left” Shun said. “That would be all” Shun stood up and went back to his office. “He’s going to research on something…” Shin said. “Let’s just hope the thing he is going to research is going to be needed” Keima said. “(Shun…)” Maika said.

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Adding Miku to my story will be a hit lol

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cool... so this is what you have been doing this summer xD. and the first time i read it. Awesome xD
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Story Updated

Edit: Please also Rate guys xD Thanks xD

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Adding Miku to my story will be a hit lol
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