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 time to make everything active again

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PostSubject: time to make everything active again   time to make everything active again Icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2012 1:30 pm

First thing first, this forum will under go one day maintenance. We will try to remove those advertisements, change the forum into more like anime forum.

What you will all expect from the maintenance:
-Change of Smileys
-The Removal of advertisements
-Change of songs. You will be able to select from English Music and Japanese Music
-Change of Forum Banner
-Change of Staff titles
-Pictures for each forum (If you are a Gamebreak Member then you know what i mean)
-Deletion of some old threads
-Anti Bots
-Change of Forum Description
-The start of Anime Downloads
-some forums will be added

So lets get straight to the point.
Sometime when i open the forum i see new members registering to the site.

So the objectives now is to make this forum last long like forever.

what i have in mind, (Since i have many break in my schedule in college is that:
-Since this is an Anime forum, i will post anime downloads so that members can come and download here as well

In posting anime downloads: (For Anime Uploaders)
-Since we have no official streaming for our forum, when posting make sure you reserve some threads before starting to upload
-Reserve the animes you want to upload so no one will steal your uploads
-its up to you uploaders if what file sharing sites you want to use
-No posting of Hentai (Uploaders who post hentai's will automitaccly banned and IP blocked(IP blocker holder will be .Cross)
-You can post high definition animes
-In your threads/Forums be sure to put a link of what to use when downloading

For Anime Tutorials
-No Ripping of tutorials from other sites, try making your own tutorials so that members won't rely on one tutorial
-Help other people, don't be selfish

Story Conversation Forum:
-Share your own made Manga's/Stories here
-Posting in wrong forum will be given a warning, so please read the forum rules there as well
-Must be own work

Thats all
Maintenance will under go at Saturday 1:00pm to 3:00pm

While maintenance is going you guys can still invite members but will not yet be able to post during maintenance. but while not yet on maintenance members can still post.

Suggestions are entertained

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time to make everything active again
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